hide The Claims Resolution Tribunal "CRT" of the Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation is now closed, and this website is no longer being updated. It remains online through the assistance of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The CRT was the administrative agency responsible for processing claims relating to assets deposited in Swiss Banks and other Swiss entities by Victims or Targets of Nazi persecution prior to and during the Second World War. It operated in Zurich and New York under the supervision of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York and the Court-appointed Special Masters. This website contains information about the deposited assets claims of the Swiss Banks Holocaust litigation, the Court’s decisions, and other relevant filings and materials.

United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York,
Chief Judge Edward R. Korman Presiding (CV-96-4849)

Bank Claims
Insurance Claims
Other Information

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Certified Awards Rendered by the Tribunal


P.E. Obermann / Successori B. & S. Sonnenberger [Genoa, Italy] PDF

Palugyay, Josef & Hilda [Vienna, Austria] PDF (translation)

Paneth, Esther [Tarcao, Hungary] PDF

Papousado, Samuel [Paris, France] PDF (translation)

Pardo, Isaac [France] PDF (translation)

Pariser, Kate [Berlin, Germany] PDF

Parnas, Jozef [Lwow, Poland] PDF

Parnes, Naftali Hirsch [Essen, Germany] PDF

Pascal, Marie PDF

Pasch, Friedrich [Austria] PDF

Pater, Hugo [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Paul Strasburger & Co. PDF

Perels, Emil Dr. [Vienna, Austria] PDF (translation)

Perels, Emil [Vienna, Austria] (Amendment) PDF

Perl, Hans & Arthur [Bielsko, Poland] PDF

Perl, Rosa [Libau, USSR] PDF

Perles, Frau Frieda [Vienna, Austria] PDF (translation)

Perrin, Louise [France] PDF (translation)

Persitz, Saly PDF

Perten, Ada PDF

Perutz, Arthur [Budapest, Hungary] PDF

Perutz, Arthur, Richard, Felix & Leo [Prague, Czechoslovakia] PDF (translation)

Perutz, Felix [Prague, Czechoslovakia] & Pick, Ludwig [Berlin, Germany] PDF (translation)

Perutz, Hans [Vienna, Austria]; Perutz, Frau Annie [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Perutz, Ida [Vienna, Austria] PDF (translation)

Perutz, Leo [Prague, Czechoslovakia] PDF

Petcho, Vitalis [Paris, France] PDF

Peter, Robert [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Petersen, Gertrude [Riga-Mezaparka, Latvia] PDF (translation)

Peysack, Erich [Koenigsberg, Germany] PDF

Pfeifer, Kurt PDF

Pfeiffer, F. PDF (translation)

Pfeiffer, Maurice and Rose [Mulhouse, France and Liepvre, France] PDF (translation)

Pfeiffer, Salomon [Germany] PDF

Philipp, Julius PDF

Philipp, Ludwig [Germany] PDF (translation)

Picard, Marx [Durmenach, France] PDF

Picard-Ulmann, Marthe-Gertrude [Germany] PDF

Pick, Grete [Austria] (1) PDF

Pick, Grete [Austria] (2) (Amendment) PDF

Pick, Joseph [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Pick, Louis [Konigsberg, Germany] and Pick-Loose, Berta [Konigsberg, Germany] PDF

Pick, Otto [Austria] & Pick, Kathe [Austria] (2) (Amendment) PDF

Pick, Otto [Austria] & Pick, Kathe [Austria] (3) PDF

Pick, Otto [Austria] & Pick, Kathe [Austria] (1) PDF

Pieck, Aaron PDF

Pines, Meyer [Berlin, Germany] &Pines, Sara [Berlin, Germany] &Pines, Salomon [Berlin, Germany] PDF (translation) (translation 2)

Pisk, Alexander [Italy] PDF (translation)

Pisk, Alexander [Italy] (Amendment} PDF

Pisk, Otto [Vienna, Austria] PDF (translation)

Placek & Co. PDF

Plaschkes, Charlotte [Vienna, Austria] & Plaschkes, Leopold [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Pohl, Martha [Hamburg, Germany] PDF

Pohorille, David; Pohorille-Mermelstein, Cacilie PDF

Pokorny, Josef [Czechoslavakia] PDF

Polacco, Giulio PDF

Pollacchi, Charles & Yvonne [Paris, France] (1) PDF (translation)

Pollacchi, Charles [Paris, France]; Pollacchi, Yvonne [Paris, France]; Pollacchi, Louis [Paris, France] (2) PDF

Pollack, Josephine [Bielsko (Bielitz), Poland] PDF (translation)

Pollack, Otto W. [Sv. Peter v. Savinjski Dolini, Schloss Neukloster, Yugoslavia] PDF (translation)

Pollak, A. [Vienna, Austria] PDF (translation)

Pollak, Alexander, Josef & Stephan [Arad, Romania] PDF (translation)

Pollak, Arthur [Austria] (2) PDF

Pollak, Arthur [Vienna, Austria] (1) PDF (translation)

Pollak, Avraham PDF

Pollak, Dora [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Pollak, Felix and Pollak, Elsa PDF

Pollak, Ida [Germany] PDF

Pollak, Jakob [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Pollak, Julius [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Pollak, Lisa & Moriz; Bellak, Ilka & Bruno [Czechoslovakia] PDF (translation)

Pollak, Ludwig & Julia [Rome, Italy] PDF (translation)

Pollak, M. J. [Paris, France] PDF

Pollak, Margrit & Leo [Maisons-Alfort, France] PDF (translation)

Pollak, Melanie [Vienna, Austria] PDF (translation)

Pollak, Nikolaus & Rudolf [Caransebes, Romania] PDF

Pollak, R. [Romania] PDF

Pollak, Rudolf [Austria] PDF

Pollak, Samuel [Hungary] PDF

Pollatschek, Friedrich & Elizabeth [Aussig, Czechoslovakia] PDF

Polplum M.S. Fried PDF

Popovici, Mihai PDF

Popper, Emma [Vienna, Austria]; Popper, Carl [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Popper, Fritz [Berlin, Germany] PDF

Popper, Otto [Nova Gradiska, Yugoslavia] PDF

Pordes, Rudolf PDF

Porosz, Ambroise [Budapest, Hungary] PDF

Portheim, Emil [Czechoslovakia] PDF

Portheim, Max, Selig [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Portheim, Max, Selig [Vienna, Austria] (Award and Award Amendment) PDF

Portheim, Victor [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Portheim, Victor [Vienna, Austria] (Award & Award Amendment) PDF

Poulard, Maurice [France] PDF (translation)

Prerau, Michael [Timisoara, Romania] PDF (translation)

Probst, Marcel [Berlin, Germany] (1) PDF

Probst, Marcel [Berlin, Germany] (2) (Amendment) PDF

Puder, Leo [Paris, France] PDF