hide The Claims Resolution Tribunal "CRT" of the Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation is now closed, and this website is no longer being updated. It remains online through the assistance of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The CRT was the administrative agency responsible for processing claims relating to assets deposited in Swiss Banks and other Swiss entities by Victims or Targets of Nazi persecution prior to and during the Second World War. It operated in Zurich and New York under the supervision of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York and the Court-appointed Special Masters. This website contains information about the deposited assets claims of the Swiss Banks Holocaust litigation, the Court’s decisions, and other relevant filings and materials.

United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York,
Chief Judge Edward R. Korman Presiding (CV-96-4849)

Bank Claims
Insurance Claims
Other Information

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Certified Awards Rendered by the Tribunal


Maas-von Portheim, Franziska [Vienna, Austria] PDF (translation)

Maass, Wilhelm, Maas, Cilly & Maas, Frau Wilh. PDF

Magnus, Elisabeth [Germany] (1) PDF (translation)

Magnus, Elisabeth [Germany] (2) (Amendment) PDF

Magnus, Julius [Berlin, Germany] (1) PDF

Magnus, Julius [Berlin, Germany] (2) (Amendment) PDF

Magyar, Leo [Romania] PDF

Mahler, Josef PDF

Mahler, Margrit [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Maier, Emil [Karlsruhe, Germany] PDF

Maier, Gustav (1) PDF

Maier, Gustav (2) PDF

Maier, Heinrich & Mayer, Bankhaus E. [Freiburg, Germany] PDF

Maier, Hugo and Paula [Czechoslovakia] PDF

Maier, Johanna [Karlsruhe, Germany] & Maier, Klara [Karlsruhe, Germany] PDF

Maier, Josef PDF

Maier, Max & Emmy [Frankfurt, Germany] PDF

Maier, Sophie [Germany] PDF

Maison Frères J. Avramoff [Sofia, Bulgaria] PDF (translation)

Manasse, Marcus [Berlin, Germany] PDF

Mandelbaum, Elias [Warsaw, Poland] PDF

Mandelbaum, Lejbus Berek PDF

Mandl, Charlotte [Vienna, Austria]; Mandl, Rosa PDF

Mandl, Josef PDF

Mandl, Josef and Jeannette PDF

Mandler, Victor PDF

Mandowsky, Kurt [Benthen, Germany] PDF (translation)

Manes, Else [Berlin, Germany] PDF

Mann, Oskar Gustav Adolf; Mann, Anna Emma Ida PDF

Mannaberg, Richard [Prague, Czechoslovakia] PDF

Manolescu, O. [Bucharest, Romania] PDF (translation)

Mantel, Helene and Sever [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Marchfeld, Rudolf [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Marcovici, Marcel [Bucharest, Romania] PDF (translation)

Marcovici, Moritz [Romania] PDF

Marcus, Anna & Susanne [Vienna, Austria] PDF (translation)

Margittai, Adalbert [Gheoergheni, Romania] PDF

Margolin, Luba [Luxembourg] PDF (translation)

Marguiles, Josef Lazar [Bucharest, Romania] PDF

Margulies, Fanny [Vienna, Austria] & Margulies, Serafine [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Margulies, Maria [Bucharest, Romania] PDF (translation)

Margulies, Stanislaw [Warsaw, Poland] PDF

Maric, Arthur, [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] PDF

Markus, Josefine [Vienna, Austria] PDF (translation)

Marx, Ernestine [Saarbrücken, Germany] PDF

Marx, Ida [Germany](1) PDF (translation)

Marx, Ida [Germany](2) PDF (translation)

Marx, Paul [Siegburg, Germany] PDF

Marx, Sigmund & Helene (Amendment) PDF

Marx, Sigmund & Helene [Mannheim, Germany] PDF

Marx, Wilhelm [Munich, Germany] PDF

Mathysen, Auguste [Arnhem, Netherlands] (1) PDF

Mathysen, Auguste [Arnhem, Netherlands] (2) PDF

Matthias, Frau Marta & Stern, Matthias & Co. GmbH PDF (translation)

Mattoni-Ungar [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Matyas, Salomon [Hungary] PDF

Maurer, Irma PDF

Maurer, Rose [Vienna, Austria] (1) PDF

Maurer, Rose [Vienna, Austria] (2) (Amendment) PDF

Mautner, Hugo, Friedrich and Kitty [Prague, Czechoslovakia] PDF (translation)

Max Strauss GmbH PDF

Max, Elvira G. PDF

May, Adolf and Sigmund [Germany] PDF

May, Ernest [Frankfurt, Germany] PDF

May, Fritz [Austria] PDF

May, Hermann [Germany] PDF

May, Richard [Austria] PDF

May, Siegmund (Sigmund) [Germany] PDF

May, Sigmund [Germany]; May, Adolf [Germany] & May, Nany PDF

Mayer, Adolf [Vienna, Germany] PDF

Mayer, Alfred [Frankfurt am Main, Germany] PDF

Mayer, Aron [Bucharest, Romania] PDF

Mayer, Bernhard Albert [Mainz, Germany] PDF (translation)

Mayer, Claude Michel, Julien Simon & Marthe [Neuilly sur Seine, France] PDF (translation)

Mayer, E. & J. PDF

Mayer, Elisabeth [Germany] PDF

Mayer, Friedrich [Spayer, Germany] PDF

Mayer, Helene [Berlin-Nikolasse, Germany] PDF

Mayer, Karl [Germany] PDF (translation)

Mayer, Max [Germany] PDF

Mayer, Paul [Vienna, Austria]; Mayer, Renee [Vienna, Austria]; Mayer, Theodor [Vienna, Austria]; M. E. Meyer [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Mayer, Wilhelmine [Freiburg, Germany] PDF

Mazur, Eljasz PDF

Meder, Paul PDF (translation)

Meier, August [Paris, France] PDF

Meier, Bruno PDF

Meier, Emil PDF

Meier, Guido PDF

Meier, Irma [Germany] PDF

Meier, J. [Landau, Germany] PDF

Meier, M. PDF

Meier, Marie PDF

Meier, Renate [Germany] [] PDF (translation)

Meier, Serafina [Prague, Czechoslovakia] PDF

Meier, Wilhelm [Mannheim, Germany] PDF

Meisels, Salomon & Albert [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Mencinskiene, B. L. [Kaunas, Lithuania] PDF

Mendel, Albert [Cologne, Germany] PDF (translation)

Mendel, Albert [Cologne, Germany] PDF (translation)

Mendel, Bruno; Mendel, Hertha; Mendel, Toni PDF

Mendels, S. [Brussels, Belgium] PDF (translation)

Mendelssohn & Co. i. L. [Berlin, Germany] PDF

Mendershausen, Georg [Germany] PDF

Menko, Ernst [Enschede, The Netherlands] PDF (translation)

Menyasz, Elsa and Emil [Bucharest, Romania] PDF (translation)

Merlaub, M. [Romania] PDF (translation)

Merlaub, M. [Romania] (Amendment) PDF

Mesk, Josef PDF

Messinger, Ida [Yugoslavia] PDF

Messinger, Samuel & Georg [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Messinger, Samuel, Selig [Amendment] PDF

Messinger, Samuel, Selig [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Metzger, Lore [Germany] PDF

Metzker, Joseph [Prague] PDF

Meyer, Alfred [Frankfurt, Germany] PDF

Meyer, Andre Isaac & Marcelle [Paris, France] PDF (translation)

Meyer, Bertha [Germany] PDF

Meyer, Carl [Germany] PDF

Meyer, Claude [Paris, France] PDF

Meyer, Fritz [Cologne, Germany] PDF

Meyer, Hans [Germany] PDF

Meyer, Hans [Germany] (Amendment) PDF

Meyer, J. PDF

Meyer, Jean PDF

Meyer, Kurt, Amsterdam Trustee Account [Netherlands] PDF (translation)

Meyer, Marcel [Altkirch, France] PDF (translation)

Meyer, Martin [Germany] PDF

Meyer, Paul PDF

Meyer, Theodor [Leipzig, Germany]; Meyer, Hermine PDF

Meyer, Ursula PDF (translation)

Meyer-Viol, G. [Germany] & Meyer, Gottfried [Germany] PDF (translation)

Meyerheim, Gertrud [Berlin, Germany] PDF

Meyerhof, Bertha [Germany] PDF (translation)

Michaelis, Franziska, [Breslau, Germany] PDF (translation)

Michaelis, H. [Berlin, Germany] PDF (translation)

Michaelis, Marie [Berlin, Germany] (1) PDF

Michaelis, Marie [Germany] (2) PDF

Michaelis, Paul PDF

Michel, Mathilde [Fürth, Germany] PDF

Michel, Otto [Elberfeld, Germany] PDF

Miks, Otokar; & Miks, Irene PDF

Miller, C. M. [Jablonna, Poland] PDF

Miller, Elisabeth [Vinnitsa, Ukraine] PDF

Millio, Vasilie A. [Bucharest, Romania] PDF (translation)

Mintz, Max [Austria] & Rosenthal, Malvine [Vienna, Austria] & Brüll, Malvine [Austria] PDF

Miranda, A. PDF

Misch, Herta [Berlin, Germany] PDF (translation)

Mohr-Neufeld, Gertrude [Berlin, Germany] PDF (translation)

Molnar, Coloman [Budapest, Hungary] PDF

Molnar, G. [Budapest, Hungary] PDF

Moos, Dominik PDF

Moos, Samuel; Moos, Willy; Moos, Elias PDF

Morawetz, Alice [Czechoslovakia] & Morawetz, Franz [Czechoslovakia] PDF (translation)

Morawetz, Richard [Prague, Czechoslovakia] PDF (translation)

Mordoh, Henri [Berlin-Lichterfelde, Germany & Paris, France] PDF

Morgenstern, Oskar PDF

Mosbacher, Ernst [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] PDF

Mosbacher, Josef [Kronach, Germany] (1) PDF

Mosbacher, Josef [Kronach, Germany] (2) (Amendment) PDF

Mosbacher, Kurt [Munich, Germany] & Von Francken-Sierstorpff, Hans Clemens [Oberschlesien, Germany] PDF

Mosbacher, Nelly [Germany] and Mosberg, Max [Germany] PDF

Moser, Albert E. PDF

Moser, Anna PDF

Moser, Edith [Molding, Austria] PDF

Moser, Ernst [Molding, Austria] PDF

Moser, Ernst [Molding, Austria] (Amendment) PDF

Moser, Fredy PDF

Moser, Mme Rose PDF

Moser, Wilhelmine [Germany] PDF

Moser, Willy [Germany] PDF (translation)

Moses, Alex [Germany] (1) PDF

Moses, Alex [Germany] (2) (Amendment) PDF

Moses, Karl [Milan, Italy] PDF (translation)

Moses, Siegfried [Germany] PDF

Moses, Siegfried [Germany] (Amendment) PDF

Moskovic, Felix [Ljubljana, Yugoslavia] PDF

Motzen, Samuel PDF (translation)

Motzen, Samuel [Oradea, Romania] PDF (translation)

Mueller, Albert [Germany] PDF

Mueller, Bruno PDF

Mueller, Clara PDF

Mueller, El. PDF

Mueller, Emil PDF (translation) (translation 2)

Mueller, Emma PDF

Mueller, Erika PDF

Mueller, Ersnt [Berlin, Germany] PDF (translation)

Mueller, Heinrich (Amendment) PDF

Mueller, Josef PDF

Mueller, Lina PDF

Mueller, Lotte [Northeim, Germany] PDF (translation)

Mueller, Maria PDF

Mueller, Nelly PDF

Mueller, Peter PDF

Mueller, R. [Germany] PDF

Mueller, Rudolf PDF

Mueller, Viktor [Opava, Czechoslovakia] PDF

Mueller, Walter PDF (translation)

Muller, Clara [Lwow, Poland] PDF

Muller, Emile [Brno, Czechoslovakia] (1) PDF (translation)

Muller, Emile [Brno, Czechoslovakia] (2) (Amendment) PDF

Muller, Ernst [Berlin, Germany] PDF

Muller, Ferdinand [Galanta, Czechoslovakia] PDF

Muller, Fred [Düsseldorf, Germany] PDF (translation)

Muller, Frieda [Germany] PDF

Muller, Fritz PDF

Muller, Georg & Ernst [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Muller, Hans [Berlin, Germany] (1) PDF

Muller, Hans [Lodz, Poland] (2) PDF (translation)

Muller, Henriette [Düsseldorf, Germany] PDF (translation)

Muller, Hermann [Germany] PDF (translation)

Muller, Johannes [Berlin, Germany] PDF

Muller, Joseph [Freiburg, Germany] PDF

Muller, Karoline [Germany] PDF

Muller, Margarete [Berlin, Germany] PDF (translation)

Muller, Theodor [Germany] PDF

Muller, W. [Hungary] PDF

Muller, Walther [Giermakowka, then Poland now Ukraine] PDF

Muller, Walther [Giermakowka, then Poland now Ukraine] (Amendment) (1) PDF

Muller, Walther [Giermakowka, then Poland now Ukraine] (Amendment) (2) PDF

Myska, Frantisek [Prague, Czechoslovakia] PDF (translation)

Myska, Josef [Prague, Czechoslovakia] PDF