hide The Claims Resolution Tribunal "CRT" of the Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation is now closed, and this website is no longer being updated. It remains online through the assistance of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The CRT was the administrative agency responsible for processing claims relating to assets deposited in Swiss Banks and other Swiss entities by Victims or Targets of Nazi persecution prior to and during the Second World War. It operated in Zurich and New York under the supervision of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York and the Court-appointed Special Masters. This website contains information about the deposited assets claims of the Swiss Banks Holocaust litigation, the Court’s decisions, and other relevant filings and materials.

United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York,
Chief Judge Edward R. Korman Presiding (CV-96-4849)

Bank Claims
Insurance Claims
Other Information

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Certified Awards Rendered by the Tribunal


L. Richter &Söhne [Budapest, Hungary] PDF

Labermeier, Kathi [Germany] PDF

Ladany, Dionys [Belgrade, Yugoslavia] PDF (translation)

Lakatos, Julius PDF

Lamberg, Selma [Vienna, Austria] (Amendment) PDF

Lamberg_Selma [Vienna, Austria] PDF (translation)

Lambert, Blanche [Paris, France] PDF (translation)

Landau, Jan [Lodz, Poland] and Landau, Irene (AKA Wajle, Irene) [Lodz, Poland] PDF

Landauer, Julius [Germany] PDF

Landowski, Paulette [Boulogne, France] and Landowski, Wanda (AKA Lowenstein) [Boulogne, France] PDF (translation)

Landsberger, Leopold [Austria] PDF

Lang, Alfred [Laa, Austria] PDF

Lang, Ernst PDF

Lang, Johanna and Lang, Amalie PDF (translation)

Langendorf, Gustav [Prague, Czechoslovakia] and Langendorf, Marianne [Prague, Czechoslovakia] PDF

Langendorff, Franz J. [Berlin, Germany] and Langendorff, Margot (AKA Kraft, Margot)[Berlin, Germany] PDF

Langer, Friedrich [Austria] PDF

Langer, Heinrich [Prague, Czechoslovakia] PDF

Langer, Josef [Prague, Czechoslovakia] PDF

Langer, Olga [Austria] and Langer, Fritz PDF

Langfelder, Fritz [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Langfelder, Margit [Budapest, Hungary] PDF (translation)

Lanzer, Alfred [Austria] & Krasny, Emil (1) PDF

Lanzer, Alfred [Austria] & Krasny, Emil (2) (Amendment) PDF

Last-Klarfeld, Bettina [Romania] PDF

Laszlo, Alexander [Hungary] PDF

Lattes, Ada (AKA Segre, Ada) [Turin, Italy]; Lattes, Enrico [Turin, Italy]; Lattes, Giorgio [Turin, Italy]; Lattes, Leone [Paris, France]; Lattes, Virginia [Turin, Italy] PDF

Lauer, Friederike PDF

Laus, Milan [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] PDF

Lax, Karl [Germany] and Lax, Alma PDF

Lazar, Piroska and Hermann-Lazar, Richard (AKA Hermann, Richard) [Budapest, Hungary] PDF (translation)

Lazard, Paul PDF

Lazare, Marthe [Mulhouse, France] PDF (translation)

Leb, Samuel and Leb, Betty (AKA Marton, Betty) [Cluj, Romania] PDF (translation)

Lecher, J. (Amendment) PDF

Lederer, Frau Erna [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Lederer, Frida PDF

Lederer, Karl [Prague, Czechoslovakia] PDF

Lederer, Max [Paris, France] and Lederer, Marie PDF (translation)

Lederer, Richard [Usti Nad Labem, Czechoslovakia] PDF

Lederer, Richard [Usti Nad Labem, Czechoslovakia] and Lederer, Josefine (AKA Klepsch, Josefine) [Usti Nad Labem, Czechoslovakia] PDF

Lederer, Wilhelm PDF

Ledermann, Marianne PDF

Leffmann, Paul & Alice PDF

Lefkovits, Leopold [Romania] PDF

Lefo, Gustav [Germany] PDF

Lehmann, Alice [Potsdam, Germany] PDF

Lehmann, Anne-Marie PDF

Lehmann, Arthur PDF

Lehmann, Emilie [Strasbourg, France] PDF

Lehmann, Isidore [Paris, France] and Lehmann, Aline [Paris, France] PDF

Lehmann, J. (1) PDF

Lehmann, J. (2) PDF

Lehmann, Leo [Fuerth, Germany] PDF

Lehmann, Margrit PDF

Lehmann, Marie PDF

Lehmann, S. [Germany] PDF

Leipziger, Hans [Luxembourg, Luxembourg] (1) PDF

Leipziger, Hans [Luxembourg, Luxembourg] (2) PDF

Leitner, Hermann PDF

Lelewer, Anita [Vienna, Austria] ; Lelewer, Georg [Vienna, Austria] and Lelewer, Marie (AKA Patek, Marie) [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Lemberger, Gabriel [Budapest, Hungary] PDF

Lengsfelder, Max [Kratzau, Czechoslovakia] PDF

Lenz, Alice PDF

Lenz, Otto [Vienna, Austria] -1 PDF

Lenz, Otto [Vienna, Austria] -2 PDF

Leon, Viktor PDF

Leopold, A. PDF

Leser, Eduard [Berlin, Germany] ; Leser, Else [Zurich, Switzerland] ; Dzialoschinsky, Erwin [Berlin, Germany] and Dzialoschinsky, Lotte [Berlin, Germany] PDF

Leser, Eduard [Berlin, Germany]; Leser, Else [Zurich, Switzerland]; Dzialoschinsky, Erwin [Berlin, Germany], & Dzialoschinsky, Lotte [Berlin, Germany] (Award and Award Amendment) PDF

Levenberg, Joseph [Riga, Union of Soviet Socialist Republic] & Loewenberg, Judith [Riga, Union of Soviet Socialist Republic] PDF

Leventer, Lipa [Romania] PDF (translation)

Levi, Aldo [Italy] PDF

Levi, Gino [Turin, Italy] PDF

Levi, Mario [Milan, Italy] PDF

Levi, Moritz [Germany] PDF

Levi, Nathan [Germany] PDF

Levi, Paula [Germany] PDF

Levi, Raimondo [Italy] and Levi, Lidia (AKA Allisio, Lidia) [Torino, Italy] PDF

Levi, Sara (Sarle); Baldauf, Martha and Lebrecht, Ilse (1) PDF

Levi, Sara (Sarle); Baldauf, Martha and Lebrecht, Ilse (2) (Amendment) PDF

Levi-Minzi, Anna (AKA Marx, Anna) [Milan, Italy]; Ceccon, Frida (AKA Marx, Frida)[Milan, Italy] PDF

Levi-Minzi, Giuseppe PDF

Levi-Poliakoff, Xenia PDF

Levin, Erna [Germany] PDF

Levin, Hugo [Germany] PDF

Levin, Martin [Germany] PDF

Levinger, Hortense PDF

Levis, Auguste [Germany] and Levis, Aaron PDF

Levy, A. PDF

Levy, Abraham [Belgrade, Yugoslavia] PDF (translation)

Levy, Alfred [Germany] and Lamm, Justin PDF

Levy, Alice [France] PDF (translation)

Levy, André [Paris, France] and Levy,Marcelle (AKA Zivy, Marcelle) [Paris, France] PDF

Levy, Aron [Yugoslavia]; Levy, Aron Junior [Yugoslavia] PDF

Levy, Carl [Germany] PDF (translation)

Levy, Carl [Wissembourg, France] PDF

Levy, Georges [France] PDF (translation)

Levy, Hans PDF

Levy, Henry J. [Paris, France] PDF

Levy, Israel M. [Sofia, Bulgaria] PDF

Levy, Joseph PDF

Levy, Julien [Paris, France] & Levy, Pauline [Paris, France] PDF

Levy, Lucien [Mulhouse, France] PDF (translation)

Levy, Ludwig [Germany] PDF

Levy, Marcel [Oberschaeffolsheim, France] PDF (translation)

Levy, Max [Germany] PDF

Levy, Norbert PDF

Levy, Otto [Kaiserslautern, Germany]and Levy, Helene PDF (translation)

Levy, Pierre [Strasbourg, France]; & Levy, Pierre [Strasbourg, France]; & Levy, Fernande [Strasbourg, France] PDF

Levy, René [Metz, France] PDF (translation)

Levy, Salli and Levi, Paula PDF

Levy, Yvonne PDF (translation)

Lewin, Arthur PDF

Lewin, Bernhard [Germany] PDF

Lewy, Georg [Monte Carlo, Monaco] PDF

Lewy, Jacques (AKA Lewy, Jakub) [Lodz, Poland] PDF (translation)

Lewy, Margarete [Breslau, Germany] and Lewy, Rose [Breslau, Germany] PDF

Lewy, S and Lewy, Rosa [Germany] PDF

Licht, Walter [Poland] and Licht, Paula [Poland] PDF

Lichtenstein, Max [Luxembourg, Luxembourg] PDF

Lichtenstern, Max [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] and Fuchs, Ida PDF

Lichtenstern, Oskar [Cologne, Germany] PDF

Lichtenstern, Richard [Vienna, Austria] and Lichtenstern, Oskar [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Lichtfeld, Mordchaj PDF (translation)

Lichtig, S. PDF

Lieber, Hermann [Hamburg, Germany] PDF

Liebermann, Chiel [Nethelands] PDF

Liebermann, David PDF

Liebes, Leopold PDF

Liebesmann, Heymann [Riga, Latvia] PDF

Liffgens, Emil [Memmingen, Germany] PDF

Ligeti, Alexander [Romania]; Ligeti, Elisabeth [Romania]; Ligeti, Stephan [Romania] PDF

Likiernik, Hipolit [Poland] PDF

Lilienfeld, Sidney [Frankfurt am Main, Germany] PDF

Lindemann, Leopold [Germany] PDF

Lindenbaum, Stefanie and Lindenbaum, Leopold (Leo) PDF

Lindheimer, Frau Bertel (AKA Marx, Frl. Bertel) [Frankfurt am Main, Germany]; Lindheimer, Hugo [Frankfurt am Main, Germany] PDF

Lindner, Max [Germany] PDF

Linz, Rudolph [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] PDF

Lion, Albert PDF

Lionni, Leonard [Lavagna, Italy] PDF

Lipszyc, Mozes [Lodz, Poland] PDF

Lipszyc, Wolf [Lodz, Poland] PDF

Lissner, Friederike [Germany] PDF

Lissner, Isidor [Breslau, Germany] PDF

Lissner, Salomon [Breslau, Germany] PDF

Lissner, Siegmund [Germany] PDF

Littmann, J; Frattini, M PDF

Littmann, Julius [Freystadt, Germany] PDF

Littner, Anna (AKA Wischnia, Anna) [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Lob, Otto [Darmstadt, Germany] PDF

Lobl, Emil [Austria] PDF

Lobl, Otto PDF

Lobl, Rudolph PDF

Loeb, Emil Israel [Munich, Germany] PDF

Loebel, Ernestine [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Loebl, Heinrich [Austria]; Loebl, Therese PDF

Loehnberg, Selma PDF

Loevy, Walter PDF

Loew, Else [Milan, Italy] PDF

Loew, Erich [Vienna, Austria] &Firma Herzfeld &Fischel PDF

Loewe, Erich [Berlin, Germany] (1) PDF

Loewe, Erich [Berlin, Germany] (2) PDF

Loewe, Erich [Berlin, Germany] (3) PDF

Loewe, Erich [Berlin, Germany] (4) (Amendment) PDF

Loewe, Rudolf [Austria] PDF

Loewenberg, Clara [Berlin, Germany] PDF

Loewenberg, Judith [Riga,Union of Soviet Socialist Republics]; Loewenberg, Joseph and Loewenberg, Shmerel PDF

Loewenstein, Berthold PDF

Loewenstein, Karl PDF

Loewenthal, Alfred [Berlin, Germany] (1) PDF

Loewenthal, Alfred [Berlin, Germany] (2) PDF

Loewenthal, Julius [Eschwege, Germany] PDF

Loewenthal, Willy [Germany] (1) PDF

Loewenthal, Willy [Germany] (2) (Amendment) PDF

Loewy, Walter [Danzig, Germany] PDF

Loffler, Alfred PDF

Loffler, Alfred (Amendment) PDF

Lohner Liselotte and Lohner Eva PDF

Lonel, Achille; Lonel, Jacques; Weill, Paul; Mortimore, Laurent PDF

Lorenz, Herbert PDF

Low, Gertrude and Hamburger-Low, Marianne PDF

Low, Moritz [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Low, Oskar PDF

Low-Beer, Adalbert and Frau Haimann, Nelly[Timisoara, Romania] PDF

Low-Beer, Adalbert, Frau Low-Beer and Frau Haimann, Nelly [Timisoara, Romania] PDF

Low-Beer, Erik PDF

Low-Beer, Hans PDF

Lowbeer, Wilhelm [Austria] and Lowbeer, Paul [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Lowbeer, Wilhelm [Vienna, Austria] and Lowbeer, Paul [Vienna, Austria] (Amandment) PDF

Lowenbein, Desider David [Trencin, Czechoslovakia] PDF

Lowenstein, Dr. Max [Germany] PDF

Lowenstein, Dr. Max [Germany] (Amendment) PDF

Lowenstein, Julius [Aachen, Germany] PDF

Lowenstein, Moriz [Stuttgart, Germany] PDF

Lowenthal, Eduard [Frankfurt am Main, Germany]; Lowenthal, Hermine [Frankfurt am Main, Germany] (1) PDF

Lowenthal, Eduard [Frankfurt am Main, Germany]; Lowenthal, Hermine [Frankfurt am Main, Germany] (2) (Amendment) PDF

Lowinger, Heinrich [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Lowner, Frl. Franziska [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Lowy, Clara [Austria] PDF

Lowy, Malvine [Germany] and Lowy, Sigmund [Germany] PDF

Lowy, Samuel PDF

Luchian, Alexe PDF

Luchsinger, Peter PDF

Lugos, Janos [Budapest, Hungary] (1) PDF

Lugos, Janos [Budapest, Hungary] (2) (Amendment) PDF

Lukacs, J. PDF

Luprecht, Otto [Vienna, Austria] PDF

Lustig, Richard [St. Pölten, Austria] PDF

Lustig, Wilhelm [Vienna, Austria] and Lustig, Margarete PDF

Lustig-Loewenthal, Irma [Germany] PDF

Lustig-Loewenthal, Irma [Germany]; Lustig, Seli PDF