hide The Claims Resolution Tribunal (“CRT”) of the Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation is now closed, and this website is no longer being updated. It remains online through the assistance of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The CRT was the administrative agency responsible for processing claims relating to assets deposited in Swiss Banks and other Swiss entities by Victims or Targets of Nazi persecution prior to and during the Second World War. It operated in Zurich and New York under the supervision of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York and the Court-appointed Special Masters. This website contains information about the deposited assets claims of the Swiss Banks Holocaust litigation, the Court’s decisions, and other relevant filings and materials.
  CRT-II Claims Resolution Tribunal for Dormant Accounts in Switzerland
Deposited Assets Claims

Attention: Please note that all deadlines to file claims related to the names and/or accounts appearing on these lists with the CRT have passed. At this point, these previously published lists of names of Account Owners and names of Power of Attorney Holders appear on this website for informational purposes only.

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2001 List of Swiss Bank Accounts from the ICEP Investigation

Section 3: Powers of Attorney


   Aaron, Mme Germaine Valérie (AKA Bader, Mlle Germaine Valérie)
                  Aaron, Maurice [Paris, France] [6]
   Aaron, Maurice
              (A) Meyer, André [Paris, France] [2]
              (A) Meyer, Mme Marcelle (AKA Charleville, Mlle Marcelle) [Paris, France] [2]
   Abel, Emil
                  Abel, Paul [Vienna, Austria] [6]
   Abel, Frau Hedwig
                  Abel, Paul [Vienna, Austria] [6]
   Abeles, Gustav
                  Abeles, Rudolf [Dresden, Germany] [1]
   Abelin, Frau S.
                  Rozental, Stefan [Leipzig, Germany] [1]
   Abenheimer, Mlle Nicole (AKA Nerson, Mme Nicole)
              (A) Nerson, Daniel [Paris, France] [1]
   Abraham, Frl. Emmi (AKA Levi, Frau Emmi)
                  Levi, Frau Josiane [Saarbrucken, Germany] [1]
   Abramowitz, Rosa
                  Abramowitz, D. [Riga, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics] [1]
   Abrayand, Ernest
                  Weil, Richard [Germany] [2]
   Abusch, Samuel
                  Winter-Abusch, Stefanie [Lodz, Poland] [1]
   Acht, Margarete
                  Acht, H. [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Ackermann, Frieda
                  Ackermann, Martha [Berlin, Germany] [2]
   Aczél, Dezsö
                  Aczél, Johann Desider [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
   Aczél, Frau Irene (AKA Adler, Frau Irene)
                  Aczél, Johann Desider [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
   Adam, Karoline
                  Adam, Alfred [Breslau, Germany] [1]
   Adda, Joseph
                  Lobel, Léopold [Paris, France] [3]
   Adda, Mlle Sultana Reine (AKA Lobel, Mme Sultana Reine)
                  Lobel, Léopold [Paris, France] [3]
   Adelmann, Frl. Hilde (AKA Vogt, Frau Hilde)
                  Vogt, Ludwig Emil [Freiburg, Germany] [1]
   Adler, Anton
                  Kohn, Frau Melanija (AKA Freund, Frl. Melanija) [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [3]
   Adler, Else (AKA Singer, Else)
                  Adler, Albert [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
   Adler, Frau Frieda (AKA Hegderfler, Frl. Frieda)
                  Adler, Gustav [Schonungen, Germany] [1]
   Adler, Frieda
                  Adler, Erich [Andritz, Austria] [2]
                  Adler, Louis [Andritz, Austria] [2]
   Adler, Ida (AKA Linz, Ida)
                  Linz, Rudolph [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
   Adler, Frau Irene (AKA Aczél, Frau Irene)
                  Aczél, Johann Desider [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
   Adler, Jenny
                  Adler, Gretel [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
   Adler, Leopold
                  Adler, Rachel [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
   Adler, Lotte
                  Adler, Gretel [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
   Adler, Moritz
                  Adler, Olga [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Adler, Oskar
                  Adler, Richard [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Adler, Walther
                  Sgalitzer, Frau Helene (AKA Adler, Frl. Helene) [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Adler, Wilhelm
                  Adler, Frau Helene [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
   Adler, Mme Zita
                  Kohn, Frau Melanija (AKA Freund, Frl. Melanija) [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [3]
   Adler-Meyer, Mme Jeanne
                  Adler, Camille [Strasbourg, France] [4]
   Aehler, Frl. Marie (AKA Edelmann, Frau Marie)
                  Edelmann, Moritz [Beuthen, Germany] [2]
   Aghien, Mlle Angele (AKA Cottonet, Mme Angele)
                  Léri, Mme Aline (AKA Aghion, Mlle Aline) [Paris, France] [1]
   Ahrenbeck, Frau Gertrud
                  Herrmann, Arthur [Breslau, Germany] [2]
   Albert, Jean
              (A) Tesseron, Jean Abel [Le Bouscat, France] [4]
   Albrecht, Gertrud
                  Albrecht, August [Berlin-Neukölln, Germany] [1]
                  Albrecht, Elsbeth (AKA Rischmüller, Elsbeth) [Berlin-Neukölln, Germany] [1]
   Alder, Hermann
                  Schmidt, Paula [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Aleksandrowicz, Frau Rosalia (AKA Gronner, Frl. Rosalia)
                  Aleksandrowicz, Dawid [Krakow, Poland] [2]
   Alex. Friedmann
                  Friedmann, Max [Vienna, Austria] [3]
   Alexander, Hans
                  Alexander, Fritz [Breslau, Germany] [2]
   Alexander, Walter
                  Fischer, Frau Mathilde (AKA Rosenbaum, Frl. Mathilde) [Krakow, Poland] [2]
   Alexander, Mlle Zora (AKA Maric, Mme Zora)
                  Maric, Arthur [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [1]
   Allard, Augustine
                  Verger, André [Paris, France] [1]
   Alt, Mme Lina
                  Alt, Giovanni [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
   Altschul, Otto
                  Schreier, Maximilian [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Ambach, David
                  Kohn, Siegfried [Nuremberg, Germany] [2]
   Ambos, Berta
                  Ambos, Max [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Amici, Natale
                  Amici-Cattaneo, Girolamo [Genoa, Italy] [1]
   Amman, Gabriele
                  Amman, Wilhelm [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   an den Matten, Mme Jeanne (AKA Michaud, Mlle Jeanne)
              (A) an den Matten, Jules Philippe [Rome, Italy] [1]
   Ancel, Mme
                  Ancel, Mlle Louise Marguerite [Epinal, France] [1]
   Andre, Mme Pierre (AKA Lefevre, Mlle Therese)
                  Andre, Pierre [Paris, France] [3]
   Angerthal, Willy
                  Angerthal, Helene [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Anker, Ludwig
                  Cohen, Albert [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
   Anninger, Otto
                  Haas, Felix [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Appel, Walter-Hans
                  Appel, Hermann [Greifswald, Germany] [1]
                  Appel, Mme Ida (AKA Hacker, Ida) [Greifswald, Germany] [1]
   Apsler, Helene
                  Apsler, Hermann [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Arditti, Jeanne S.
                  Arditti, Salomon A. [Thessaloniki, Greece] [1]
   Arents, Frl. Juliane (AKA Simon, Frau Juliane)
                  Simon, Julius [Mannheim, Germany] [1]
   Aresin, Johann
                  Aresin-Fatton, Frau Hedwig [Vienna, Austria] [2]
   Armani, Mme Raymond
                  Armani, Michel A. [Bellegarde, France] [1]
   Armbruster, Else
                  Kraell, Alexander [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                  Kraell, Anna [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
   Arndt, Curt
                  Arndt, Paula [Dresden, Germany] [2]
   Arndt, Paula
                  Arndt, Curt [Dresden, Germany] [1]
   Aron, Frau Marijana
                  Aron, Rachamin N. [Yugoslavia] [1]
   Aronson, Karessin L.
                  Aronson, Heinz [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Asch, Francois
                  Asch, Paul [Strasbourg, France] [3]
   Asch, Fritz
                  Asch, Paul [Strasbourg, France] [3]
   Asch, Mme Selma (AKA Feist, Mlle Selma)
                  Asch, Paul [Strasbourg, France] [3]
   Ascher, Kurt
                  Ascher, Lalla [Danzig, Germany] [1]
   Askonas, Rudolf
                  Askonas, Hanni [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Assenmacher, Jean Théophile
                  Assenmacher, Mme Sophie Emma (AKA Aichinger, Mlle Sophie Emma) [Mulhouse, France] [1]
                  Assenmacher-Aichinger, Jean [Mulhouse, France] [3]
   Assenmacher-Aichinger, Mme S.
                  Assenmacher-Aichinger, Jean [Mulhouse, France] [3]
   Association Mobiliere et Immobiliere de Dijon et d' Epinal "Amide"
              (A) Bossert, Mme Jeanne Madeleine (AKA Thouvenot, Mlle Jeanne Madeleine) [Epinal, France] [1]
              (A) Bossert, Pierre Joseph [Epinal, France] [1]
   Auberger, Albert
                  Vaucher, E. [Strasbourg, France] [2]
                  Vaucher, Mme Marie Louise (AKA Jeanmaire, Marie Louise) [Strasbourg, France] [2]
   Aubert, Mlle Berthe Marie (AKA Heral, Mme Berthe Marie)
                  Censier, Albert [Domont, France] [1]
                  Heral, Robert [Ezanville, France] [1]
   Aubry, Marcel
                  Gabriel, Firmin Leopold V. [France] [3]
   Auer, Frl. Maria (AKA Hepke, Frau Maria)
                  Madlener, Emil [Pforzheim, Germany] [2]
                  Madlener, Luise (AKA Pfeiffer, Luise) [Pforzheim, Germany] [2]
   Auerbach, Frl. Maria
                  Auerbach, Wilhelm [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [2]
   Aufhäuser, H.
                  Seiler & Co. Bankhaus [Munich, Germany] [1]
   Aumand-Orsel, Mme Louise
                  Mariton, Raymond [Lyon, France] [1]
   Azriel, Danilo
              (A) Azriel, David [Paris, France] [1]

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