hide The Claims Resolution Tribunal (“CRT”) of the Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation is now closed, and this website is no longer being updated. It remains online through the assistance of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The CRT was the administrative agency responsible for processing claims relating to assets deposited in Swiss Banks and other Swiss entities by Victims or Targets of Nazi persecution prior to and during the Second World War. It operated in Zurich and New York under the supervision of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York and the Court-appointed Special Masters. This website contains information about the deposited assets claims of the Swiss Banks Holocaust litigation, the Court’s decisions, and other relevant filings and materials.
  CRT-II Claims Resolution Tribunal for Dormant Accounts in Switzerland
Deposited Assets Claims

Attention: Please note that all deadlines to file claims related to the names and/or accounts appearing on these lists with the CRT have passed. At this point, these previously published lists of names of Account Owners and names of Power of Attorney Holders appear on this website for informational purposes only.

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2001 List of Swiss Bank Accounts from the ICEP Investigation

Section 3: Powers of Attorney


   Tabaksmann, Mme Clémence (AKA Blum, Clémence)
                  Blum, Félix [Strasbourg, France] [1]
   Tafler, Frau Marianne
                  Tafler, Georg [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [1]
   Tappert, Frl. Elfriede Charlotte (AKA Schulze, Frau Elfriede Charlotte)
                  Schulze, Frau Ida (AKA Vogelgesang, Frl. Ida) [Dresden, Germany] [1]
   Tardieu, Sidonie (AKA Peter, Mme Sidonie)
              (A) Peter, David [Fes, Morocco] [3]
   Taub, Frau Hermine
                  Taub, Emil [Vienna, Austria] [2]
   Taube, Theodor
                  Hartmann, Eduard [Misdroy, Germany] [2]
                  Hartmann, Wold [Misdroy, Germany] [1]
                  Meyer, W. [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                  Prokop, Robert [Riga, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics] [1]
   Tauber, Imrich
                  Kohn, Frau Ernestine [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [1]
   Tauber, Ladislaus
                  Kohn, Frau Ernestine [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [1]
   Tausig, Maria
                  Tausig, Otto [Trieste, Italy] [1]
   Tausk, Flora
                  Tausk, E. [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [1]
   Techow, Frl. Else (AKA Krause, Frau Else)
                  Krause, Rudolf [Berlin, Germany] [2]
   Tedeschi, Marcello
                  Tedeschi, Ermanno [Switzerland] [2]
                  Tedeschi, Mme Magda [Venice, Italy] [1]
   Tedesko, Alice
                  Bunzl, Hugo [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                  Herzog, Leopold [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                  Herzog, Frau Zdenka (AKA Schön, Zdenka) [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                  Tedesko, Frau Margarete (AKA Herzog, Frl. Margarete) [Vienna, Austria] [2]
   Tedesko, Lotte
                  Bunzl, Hugo [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                  Herzog, Leopold [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                  Herzog, Frau Zdenka (AKA Schön, Zdenka) [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                  Tedesko, Frau Margarete (AKA Herzog, Frl. Margarete) [Vienna, Austria] [2]
   Teleky, Elsa
                  Brücke-Teleky, Dora [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Teller, Olga
                  Teller, Hermann [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Teltsch, Gejza
                  Lax, Irene [Bratislava, Czechoslovakia] [1]
   Terradas, Bartolomé
                  Roth, Mme Berthe (AKA Vitrey, Berthe) [Mutzig, France] [3]
                  Roth, Paul [Mutzig, France] [1]
   Tesseron, Guy
              (A) Tesseron, Jean Abel [Le Bouscat, France] [4]
   Tesseron, Mme Marie (AKA Chausse, Mlle Marie)
              (A) Tesseron, Jean Abel [Le Bouscat, France] [4]
   Teutschmann, Ruth
                  Teutschmann, Johanna Elisabeth [Linz, Austria] [1]
   Thaler, Frl. Edeltraut
                  Thaler, Frau Anna (AKA Kauffmann, Frl. Anna) [Freiburg, Germany] [1]
                  Thaler, Karl [Freiburg, Germany] [1]
   Thalheimer, Max
                  Blumenfeld, Manfredo Wilhelm [Perugia, Italy] [1]
   Théret, Joseph Marie Gustave
                  Rose, Mlle Edith Yvonne Marie [Saint Germain-En-Laye, France] [4]
                  Rose, Francis Henri Jacques Marie [Saint Germain-En-Laye, France] [4]
                  Rose, Mlle Jacqueline Marie [Saint Germain-En-Laye, France] [4]
                  Rose, Paul Joseph [Saint Germain-En-Laye, France] [4]
                  Rose, Mme Suzanne Marie Magdaleine (AKA Jacquot, Mme Suzanne Marie Magdaleine) [Brussels, Belgium] [4]
   Théry, Mlle Louise Flore Victoire (AKA Milcent, Mme Louise Flore Victoire)
                  Thery, Louis Alexandre Joseph [Compičgne, France] [1]
   Thévenin, Mme Paul
                  Thévenin, Paul [Paris, France] [1]
   Thias, Bedrich
                  Urbach, Jean [Prague, Czechoslovakia] [1]
   Thiasova, Mme Mariana
                  Urbach, Jean [Prague, Czechoslovakia] [1]
   Thiele, Frau Else (AKA Jurkat, Frl. Else)
                  Jurkat, Adolf [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Thieme, Johannes
                  Wolf, Carl Otto [Dresden, Germany] [1]
   Thierry, Jules Albert
                  Bernaut, James [Givry, France] [1]
   Thiers, Louis
                  Thiers, Mme Pierre (AKA Douris, Mlle Helene) [Thiers, France] [1]
                  Thiers, Pierre [Thiers, France] [1]
   Thomé, Francois
                  Costaz, Gabriel [Annecy, France] [2]
                  Costaz, Maria Blanche (AKA Cochet, Maria Blanche) [Annecy, France] [2]
                  Robert, Louis [Annecy, France] [3]
                  Roupioz, Mme Alfred [Annecy, France] [3]
   Thomsen Sen., Carlo Zino
                  Müller, Carl Gustav Luis [Hamburg, Germany] [2]
                  Müller, Frau Maria (AKA Ramos, Frl. Maria) [Hamburg, Germany] [2]
   Thorsch, Paul
                  Thorsch, Emil [Vienna, Austria] [4]
   Thorsch-Holtzermann, Leonore
                  Thorsch, Emil [Vienna, Austria] [4]
   Tietje, Wilhelm
                  Hess, Frl. Marie-Luise [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Tillinger, Oswald
                  Schleissner, Erna [Milan, Italy] [1]
                  Schleissner, Fritz [Milan, Italy] [1]
                  Tillinger, Rosa [Milan, Italy] [1]
   Tinet, Marthe
              (A) Tinet, Maurice [Montreuil, France] [1]
   Tintner, Fritz
                  Tintner, Frau Margit (AKA Pollak, Frl. Margit) [Vienna, Austria] [2]
   Tisch, Joachim
                  Tisch, Frau Else [Milan, Italy] [1]
   Tischler, Rosa
                  Tischler, Richard [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Titze, Alois
                  Titze, Helene [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Tobias, Max
                  Salomon, August [Mayen, Germany] [1]
   Tobias, Frau Nelly (AKA Salomon, Frl. Nelly)
                  Tobias, Max [Mayen, Germany] [1]
   Toeche Mittler, Joachim
                  Toeche Mittler, Siegfried [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Toeche Mittler, Frau Margarete
                  Toeche Mittler, Siegfried [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Toeplitz, Martin
                  Toeplitz, Lina [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Tondeur, Mme Germaine (AKA Sonnet, Germaine)
                  Tondeur, Emile [Oran, Algeria] [2]
   Tonione, Mme Fernande (AKA David-Nillet, Fernande)
              (A) Tonione, Louis [Saint Claude, France] [1]
   Török, Alexander
                  Török, Gyula [Budapest, Hungary] [3]
   Török, Frau Alice (AKA Forbŕt, Frl. Alice)
                  Herrmann, Samuel [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
   Török, Piroska
                  Török, Gyula [Budapest, Hungary] [3]
   Toth, Emil Pal
                  Toth, Ferencné [Gyula, Hungary] [1]
   Traub, Alois
                  Traub, Gertrud [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Treitel, Otto
              (A) Baumann, Gustav, Nachlass [Berlin, Germany] [2]
   Treves, Mlle Edith
                  Treves, Mme Ada (AKA Muggia, Mlle Ada) [Turin, Italy] [2]
                  Treves, Giuseppe [Turin, Italy] [2]
   Trichard, Mme Charlotte (AKA Hurissel, Charlotte Esther Marie)
              (A) de Malherbe, Guillaume [Paris, France] [1]
              (A) de Malherbe, Mme Joseph [Paris, France] [3]
              (A) de Malherbe, Mlle Rose [Paris, France] [1]
   Trier, Julius Robert Theodor
                  Trier, Frau Berta, Selig (AKA Brunner, Berta, Selig) [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [3]
   Trimbach, Emile
                  Schwartz, Frau Alice (AKA Trimbach, Frl. Alice) [Colmar, France] [1]
                  Schwartz, Georges [Colmar, France] [1]
   Trimbach, Paul
                  Schwartz, Frau Alice (AKA Trimbach, Frl. Alice) [Colmar, France] [1]
                  Schwartz, Georges [Colmar, France] [1]
   Tritsch, Anna
                  Tritsch, Leopold [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Troesch, Loni
                  Troesch, Josef [Vienna, Austria] [2]
   Troitzsch, Klara (AKA Sussmann, Klara)
                  Sussmann, Hildegard [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Tropp, Hermann
                  Tropp, Maurice [Paris, France] [2]
   Troske, Frl. Else (AKA Wolff, Frau Else)
                  Troske, Ludwig [Hannover, Germany] [1]
   Trost, Ilse (AKA Hampe, Ilse)
                  Trost, Justin [Paris, France] [1]
   Tuchler, Anna
                  Tuchler, James [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Tugendhat, Frau Toni (AKA Spitz, Frl. Toni)
                  Tugendhat, Otto [Breslau, Germany] [2]
   Tupin, Jean
                  Lacourte, Emile [Paris, France] [2]
                  Lacourte, Mme Jeanne (AKA Tupin, Mlle Jeanne) [Paris, France] [2]
              (A) Pilliard, André [Paris, France] [3]
   Tupin, Mlle Suzanne (AKA Pilliard, Mme Suzanne)
              (A) Pilliard, André [Paris, France] [3]
   Turkieltaub, Ber Tur
                  Turkieltaub, Gilel [Warsaw, Poland] [2]

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