hide The Claims Resolution Tribunal (“CRT”) of the Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation is now closed, and this website is no longer being updated. It remains online through the assistance of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The CRT was the administrative agency responsible for processing claims relating to assets deposited in Swiss Banks and other Swiss entities by Victims or Targets of Nazi persecution prior to and during the Second World War. It operated in Zurich and New York under the supervision of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York and the Court-appointed Special Masters. This website contains information about the deposited assets claims of the Swiss Banks Holocaust litigation, the Court’s decisions, and other relevant filings and materials.
  CRT-II Claims Resolution Tribunal for Dormant Accounts in Switzerland
Deposited Assets Claims

Attention: Please note that all deadlines to file claims related to the names and/or accounts appearing on these lists with the CRT have passed. At this point, these previously published lists of names of Account Owners and names of Power of Attorney Holders appear on this website for informational purposes only.

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2001 List of Swiss Bank Accounts from the ICEP Investigation

Section 3: Powers of Attorney


   Pacifici, Mme Ida (AKA Soliani, Mlle Ida)
                  Pacifici, Aldo [Perugia, Italy] [2]
   Pal Lukacs, Livia (AKA Singer, Livia)
                  Singer, Gyula [Budapest, Hungary] [2]
   Palhon, Auguste
              (A) Navello, Mme Jane [Nice, France] [1]
   Papst, Frau Lina (AKA Stern, Frl. Lina)
                  Stern, Hans [Nuremberg, Germany] [1]
   Pardany-Haasz, Rosa
                  Pardany, Eduard [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
   Pardo, Heinrich
                  Pardo, Frau Erna [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Paris, Emile Joseph
                  Bernaut, James [Givry, France] [1]
   Paris-Thierry, Marguerite
                  Bernaut, James [Givry, France] [1]
   Pariser, Franz
                  Pariser, Frl. Käte [Berlin, Germany] [3]
   Parkus, Fanny
                  Parkus, Josef [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Parparof, Frau Raisa
                  Parparof, Theodoro [Berlin, Germany] [2]
   Pasching, Walter
                  Pasching, Leopold [Vienna, Austria] [2]
   Patard, Simone
                  Gabreau-Mougeot, Mme Charlotte [Paris, France] [5]
                  Gabreau-Mougeot, Robert [Paris, France] [5]
   Paul, Hegedues
              (A) Kovacs, Nikolaus (AKA Kaovacs, Nicolaus AKA Kaovacs, Nikolas AKA Kovacs, Nicolaus) [1]
              (A) Weiss, Samuel [Bratislava, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)] [1]
   Paul, Frau Luise Margarethe (AKA Borchers, Frl. Luise Margarethe)
                  Paul, Martin [Bremen, Germany] [1]
   Paul, Mally
                  Garda, Enrico [Paris, France] [2]
   Pauli, Frau Berta (AKA Rieger, Frl. Berta)
                  Pauli, Hermann [Wiesbaden, Germany] [1]
   Pawlik, Curt
                  Drucka-Lubecka, Frau Ottilie [Dlon, Poland] [3]
   Pecher, Mme Marie-Louise (AKA Dion, Marie-Louise)
                  Pecher, Jean [Paris, France] [2]
   Pedemas, Marie Simone
                  Monestier, Maurice [Paris, France] [1]
   Pelletier, Philippe
                  Pelletier, Mme Maurice [Paris, France] [2]
   Perl, Frau Frieda
                  Perl, Arthur [Bielsko, Poland] [1]
                  Perl, Hans [Bielsko, Poland] [1]
   Perl, Frau Irene
                  Perl, Edgar [Bielsko, Poland] [1]
   Perl, Margarethe
                  Perl, Marie [Blankenburg, Germany] [1]
   Perrin, Mlle Anne Marie
              (A) Perrin, Jacques [Marseille, France] [1]
   Perrot, Mlle Georgette (AKA Chardenot, Mme Georgette)
                  Chardenot, Georges [Lyon, France] [5]
   Perutz, Alice
                  Broch, Friedrich [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [1]
   Perutz, Brunhilde
                  Perutz, Ida [Vienna, Austria] [5]
   Perutz, Felix
                  Perutz, Ida [Vienna, Austria] [5]
                  Pick, Ludwig [Berlin, Germany] [2]
   Perutz, Ludwig
                  Perutz, Ida [Vienna, Austria] [5]
   Peter, Mme Sidonie (AKA Tardieu, Sidonie)
              (A) Peter, David [Fes, Morocco] [3]
   Peters, Maria (AKA Donner, Maria)
                  Donner, Günther [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Petersen, Kurt
                  Petersen, Frau Trudel (AKA Häcker, Frl. Gertrud) [Riga, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics] [1]
   Peterson, Erna
                  Peterson, Arved [Schlebusch-Manfort, Germany] [1]
   Petitjean, Mme Suzanne
                  Petitjean, Edouard [Plainfaing, France] [2]
                  Petitjean, Mme Marie (AKA Baraban, Mlle Marie) [Plainfaing, France] [2]
   Petzold, Frau Helene (AKA Ihle, Frl. Helene)
              (A) Petzold, Oskar [Dresden, Germany] [2]
   Pfarrer, Frl. Elsa (AKA Hoffmann, Frau Elsa)
                  Hoffmann, Karl [Eberstadt, Germany] [1]
   Pfeifer, Marie
                  Eckstein, Max [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Pfeiffer, Charlotte
                  Pfeiffer, Helmut [Grossenhain, Germany] [1]
   Pfeiffer, Robert
                  Pfeiffer, Frau Berta [Munich, Germany] [2]
   Pfeiffer, Rudolf
                  Pfeiffer, Martha [Dresden, Germany] [1]
   Pfersich, René
                  Ziffer, Mme Dora [Vienna, Austria] [4]
   Pfister, H.
                  Dahl, Max [Mannheim, Germany] [1]
   Pflanz-Picard, Auguste Helene
                  Pflanz, Hermann [Remscheid, Germany] [1]
   Pflaum, Frl. Léontine (AKA Müller, Frau Léontine)
                  Müller, Hermann [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Pfunder, Mme Elisabeth Barbara (AKA Meyer, Elisabeth)
                  Meyer, Rudolphe Wilhelm, Erben [Seefelden, Germany] [6]
   Pfunder, Hermann
                  Meyer, Rudolphe Wilhelm, Erben [Seefelden, Germany] [6]
   Philipp, Frl. Martha Recha (AKA Flörsheim, Frau Martha Recha)
                  Flörsheim, Michael [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
   Picard, Mlle Germaine
                  Dieterich, Mlle Elisabeth [Toulouse, France] [1]
                  Paquot, Félicie [Toulouse, France] [1]
   Picard, Raymond
              (A) Picard, Mme Marguerite (AKA Sacassogne, Mlle Marguerite) [Paris, France] [1]
   Picard, Robert S.
                  Hess, Frau Clara (AKA Picard, Frl. Clara) [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
   Picavet, Ch J.
                  Koessler, Adéle (AKA Pfeiffer, Adéle) [Mesnil-Le-Roi, France] [2]
                  Koessler, Jean Charles [Mesnil-Le-Roi, France] [2]
   Piccardi, Giorgio
                  Adler, Mrs. Irma [Trieste, Italy] [1]
   Pick, Edvino
                  Adler, Mrs. Irma [Trieste, Italy] [1]
   Pick, Erminia
                  Adler, Mrs. Irma [Trieste, Italy] [1]
   Pick, Ida
                  Pick, Rudolf [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [1]
   Pick, Ludwig
                  Perutz, Ida [Vienna, Austria] [5]
   Pick, Rosa
                  Adler, Mrs. Irma [Trieste, Italy] [1]
   Picker, Gerardo
                  Picker, Fanny (AKA Rocca, Fanny) [Milan, Italy] [1]
   Pilinski, Anton
                  Wolf, Willi [Witten, Germany] [1]
   Pillard, Mlle Marie (AKA Duplat, Mme Henri)
              (A) Duplat, Henri [Paris, France] [1]
              (A) Duplat, Jean [Paris, France] [1]
   Pillet, Jean
              (A) Pillet, Mme Josephine (AKA Wallner, Josephine) [Cannes, France] [1]
   Pilliard, André
                  Lacourte, Emile [Paris, France] [2]
                  Lacourte, Mme Jeanne (AKA Tupin, Mlle Jeanne) [Paris, France] [2]
   Pilliard, Mlle Jacqueline
              (A) Pilliard, André [Paris, France] [3]
   Pilliard, Mme Suzanne (AKA Tupin, Mlle Suzanne)
              (A) Pilliard, André [Paris, France] [3]
   Pinatel, Charles
                  Pinatel, F. [Marseille, France] [2]
   Pinatel, Isabelle (AKA Girard, Isabelle)
              (A) Duboule, Armand [3]
              (A) Pinatel, Charles [Marseille, France] [3]
   Pinhas, Eli Issak
                  Eskenazi, Moise [Paris, France] [1]
   Pinkus, Bruno
                  Nossen, Hermann [Prague, Czechoslovakia] [1]
   Pinkus, Martha
                  Pinkus, Hugo [Elberfeld, Germany] [1]
   Pinsseau, Mme Paulette (AKA Berthier, Mlle Paulette)
              (A) Pinsseau, Hubert [Roanne, France] [1]
   Piquet, Adrien
                  Piquet, Camille [Lyon, France] [1]
   Piquet, Camille
              (A) Piquet, Adrien [Lyon, France] [1]
              (A) Piquet, Mme Berthe (AKA Milly, Berthe) [Lyon, France] [1]
   Pirmez, Mme Berthe (AKA de Sauvage, Mlle Berthe)
                  Pirmez, Albert [Gougnies, Belgium] [1]
   Pitke, Gertrud (AKA Friedländer, Gertrud)
                  Friedländer, Max, Erben [Berlin, Germany] [2]
   Plihal, Bruno
                  Plihal, Leon [Lodz, Poland] [1]
   Plihal, Karol
                  Plihal, Leon [Lodz, Poland] [1]
   Pohl, Elfriede
                  Dittrich, Luise (AKA Mann, Luise) [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Pokorny, Wilhelm
                  Bunzl, Hugo [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                  Herzog, Leopold [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                  Herzog, Frau Zdenka (AKA Schön, Zdenka) [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                  Tedesko, Frau Margarete (AKA Herzog, Frl. Margarete) [Vienna, Austria] [2]
   Pol, Margit
                  Pol, Wiktor [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [1]
   Polacco, Mme Barbara (AKA Polacco, Mme Bettina)
                  Polacco, Emilio [Trieste, Italy] [2]
   Polacco, Mme Bettina (AKA Polacco, Mme Barbara)
                  Polacco, Emilio [Trieste, Italy] [2]
   Polak, L.
                  Silberstein, Frau Gertrud [Berlin, Germany] [2]
   Polak, Louis
                  Kaars Sijpesteijn Jr., J. C. [Krommenie, Netherlands] [1]
   Pollack, Renée
                  Pollack, Otto W. [Sempeter V. Savinjski Dolini, Yugoslavia] [1]
   Pollacsek, Ernst
                  Fischer, Friedrich [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Pollak, E.
                  Schön, Frau Maria [Vienna, Austria] [3]
                  Schön, Wilhelm [Vienna, Austria] [3]
   Pollak, Frau Elsa
                  Pollak, Sigmund [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Pollak, Emil
                  Pollak, Rudolf [Prague, Czechoslovakia] [1]
   Pollak, Frau Hilda (AKA Stern, Hilda)
                  Stern, Frau Regine [Vienna, Austria] [3]
   Pollak, Frau Johanna
                  Pollak, Erich [Vienna, Austria] [4]
   Pollak, Johanna
                  Kantorowicz, Rosa [Katowice, Poland] [1]
   Pollak, Otto
                  Pollak, Frl. Friederike [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Pollak, Paula (AKA Kampler, Mme Paula)
                  Kampler, Alexander [La Spezzia, Italy] [2]
   Pollak, Rudolf
                  Beer, Frau Maria (AKA Derka, Frl. Maria) [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                  Horst, Frl. Else [Langenzersdorf, Austria] [1]
   Pollak-Hirsch, Frau Adele
                  Pollak, Robert [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Pollatschek, Friedrich
                  Lederer, Frau Josefine (AKA Klepsch, Frau Josefine) [Usti Nad Labem, Czechoslovakia] [2]
                  Lederer, Richard [Usti Nad Labem, Czechoslovakia] [2]
   Poncery, Mlle Marie Therése (AKA Blanc, Mme Marie Therése)
                  Blanc, Claude Antonin (AKA Blanc, Antony) [Saint-Etienne, France] [1]
   Pontos, Miklos
                  Politzer, Alexander [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Popper, Stephan
                  Fantl, Frau Mathilde (AKA Popper, Frl. Mathilde) [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                  Popper, Stephan [1]
   Porges, Emilie
                  Porges, Anton [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Porges, Friedrich
                  Porges, Nelly [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Posen, Frau Auguste Luise (AKA Bauer, Frl. Auguste Luise)
                  Bauer, Eduard [Mannheim, Germany] [1]
   Pötzech, Ilona
                  Stoll, Willi [Mühlau, Austria] [1]
   Poulenc, Mme Colette (AKA Garamd, Mlle Colette)
              (A) Poulenc, Jean [Paris, France] [1]
   Pozzi, Francesco
                  Schmid, Christian [Milan, Italy] [1]
   Pozzi, Luigi
                  Montandon, Germana Pozzi [Como, Italy] [1]
   Prager, André
                  Prager, Max [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Prager, Karoline
                  Prager, Max [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Prager, Paul
                  Prager, Julius, Nachlass [Budapest, Hungary] [2]
   Pressburger, Frau Lilly
                  Pressburger, Felix [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [1]
   Pressburger, Lucie
                  Pressburger, Felix [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [1]
   Pressburger, Frau Paula (AKA Kastl, Frl. Paula)
                  Pressburger, Felix [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [1]
   Pressburger, Stella
                  Pressburger, Felix [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [1]
   Preuss, Paul
                  Preuss, Mme Anna (AKA Thiele, Mlle Anna) [Treuenbrietzen, Germany] [1]
   Prévost, Jacques
                  Prévost, Jean Edouard Raymond Gustave [Nouzonville, France] [3]
   Priebatsch, Ludwig
                  Netter, C. L. [Germany] [2]
   Princz, Elisabeth
                  Princz, Erney [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Profe, Klara (AKA Bergmann, Klara)
                  Profe, Willy [Meerane, Germany] [1]
   Prückner, Camillo
                  Fischel, Frau Marie (AKA Lacerta, Frl. Marie) [Vienna, Austria] [2]
   Przeworska, Mlle Alicja (AKA Eiger, Mme Alicja)
              (A) Hirschtritt, Emanuel [Vienna, Austria] [1]
              (A) Przeworska, Mme Anne (AKA Frankel, Mlle Anne) [Warsaw, Poland] [4]
   Przeworski, Alfred K.
              (A) Hirschtritt, Emanuel [Vienna, Austria] [1]
              (A) Przeworska, Mme Anne (AKA Frankel, Mlle Anne) [Warsaw, Poland] [4]
   Pucher, Paul
                  Pucher, Else [Vienna, Austria] [2]
   Puhlmann, Frl. Martha (AKA Schütz, Frau Martha)
                  Schütz, Julius [Cologne, Germany] [1]

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