hide The Claims Resolution Tribunal (“CRT”) of the Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation is now closed, and this website is no longer being updated. It remains online through the assistance of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The CRT was the administrative agency responsible for processing claims relating to assets deposited in Swiss Banks and other Swiss entities by Victims or Targets of Nazi persecution prior to and during the Second World War. It operated in Zurich and New York under the supervision of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York and the Court-appointed Special Masters. This website contains information about the deposited assets claims of the Swiss Banks Holocaust litigation, the Court’s decisions, and other relevant filings and materials.
  CRT-II Claims Resolution Tribunal for Dormant Accounts in Switzerland
Deposited Assets Claims

Attention: Please note that all deadlines to file claims related to the names and/or accounts appearing on these lists with the CRT have passed. At this point, these previously published lists of names of Account Owners and names of Power of Attorney Holders appear on this website for informational purposes only.

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2001 List of Swiss Bank Accounts from the ICEP Investigation

Section 3: Powers of Attorney


   Gabbe, Heinz
                  Gabbe, Jeanette [Ilmenau, Germany] [1]
   Gabbe, Sally
                  Gabbe, Jeanette [Ilmenau, Germany] [1]
   Gabriel, Siegfried
                  Gabriel, Anni [Graz, Austria] [1]
   Gaeta, Maria
                  Gaeta, Josef L. [Athens, Greece] [1]
   Gal, Josef
                  Roboz, Gèza [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
   Galais-Pheasant, Mlle (AKA Logeais, Mme Jacques)
                  Logeais, Jacques Marie Emile [Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France] [1]
   Gall, Jean
                  Gall, Mme Henri [Paris, France] [2]
                  Gall, Henri [Paris, France] [2]
   Gall, Marguerite
                  Gall, Mme Henri [Paris, France] [2]
                  Gall, Henri [Paris, France] [2]
   Galland, Mme Jean
              (A) Chastenet de Gery, Maurice Jean Baptiste [5]
              (A) Galland, Jean [Chalon-Sur-Saöne, France] [4]
              (A) Galland, Louis Marie Paul [Lyon, France] [5]
              (A) Galland, Marcel Jean [Lyon, France] [5]
   Galland, Jean
              (A) Chastenet de Gery, Maurice Jean Baptiste [5]
              (A) Galland, Louis Marie Paul [Lyon, France] [5]
              (A) Galland, Marcel Jean [Lyon, France] [5]
   Galland, Louis
              (A) Viller, Ernest [Lyon, France] [1]
   Gallembert, Samuel
                  Gallembert, Rachel [Paris, France] [1]
   Gallmayer, Frau Theresia
                  Gallmayer, Franz [Salzburg, Austria] [1]
   Gander, Leo
              (A) Lederer, Violette [Hungary] [1]
   Ganzert, Lore
                  Ganzert, Karl [Romania] [1]
   Garamd, Mlle Colette (AKA Poulenc, Mme Colette)
              (A) Poulenc, Jean [Paris, France] [1]
   Gardes, Raphaël
              (A) Gardes, Mme Isabelle (AKA de Sibert, Mlle Marguerite AKA Gardes, Mme Marguerite) [Paris, France] [1]
   Gärtner, Frau Ewa (AKA Löttgar, Frl. Ewa)
                  Gärtner, Hermann [Berlin, Germany] [2]
   Gärtner, Maria
                  Gärtner, Kreszenzia [Innsbruck, Austria] [1]
   Gärtner, Max
                  Gärtner, Kreszenzia [Innsbruck, Austria] [1]
   Gattiker, Mme Thérese Robert
              (A) Lefevre, Mme Marcelle (AKA de Lotherie de Presle, Mlle Marcelle) [Paris, France] [2]
              (A) Lefevre, Robert [Paris, France] [2]
   Gauler Junior, Heinrich
                  Gauler Senior, Heinrich [Neustadt, Germany] [1]
                  Gauler-Fischer, Elise [Neustadt, Germany] [1]
   Gauthier, Frau Liliane
                  Gauthier, Paul [La Ciotat] [1]
   Gaveau, Mme Marguerite (AKA Lefevre-Vacquerie, Mlle Marguerite)
                  Lefevre-Vacquerie, Mme Béatrice (AKA Minghetti, Mlle Béatrice) [Paris, France] [2]
   Gechardt, Carl
                  Burghold, Julius [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [2]
                  Katz, Mme Luise [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [2]
   Gegner, Thomas
                  Levy, Frau Erna [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
   Geier, Mrs. Herma (AKA Seelhoff, Miss Herma)
                  Geier, Bruno [Asosa, Italy] [1]
   Geiger, Mlle Anne Marie
                  Schmitt, Mlle Paula [Marsannay-La-Cote, France] [2]
   Geiringer, Carl
                  Geiringer, Olga [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Geiringer, Ernst
                  Geiringer, Frau Clara [Vienna, Austria] [2]
   Geiringer, Frau Trude
                  Geiringer, Ernst [Vienna, Austria] [2]
   Geismar, Frau Aline (AKA Kahn, Frau Aline)
                  Kahn, Lucien [Colmar, France] [2]
   Geismar, Joseph
                  Kahn, Lucien [Colmar, France] [2]
   Geissmann, Léon
                  Goldschmidt, Mme Rose (AKA Geissmann, Mlle Rose) [Mulhouse, France] [1]
   Geissmar, Frau Sophie (AKA Kopecky, Frl. Sophie)
                  Geissmar, Walter [Bad Harzburg, Germany] [2]
   Gelhaar-Blaesing, Frau Charlotte
                  Koltermann, Richard [Zoppot, Germany] [3]
   Gellert, Marta
                  Gellert, Paul [Halle, Germany] [1]
   Gendrot, Mlle Anna (AKA Massoneri, Mme Anna)
              (A) Massoneri, Guy [Dijon, France] [1]
   Genevois, Mme Berthe (AKA Bolut, Mlle Berthe)
              (A) Genevois, Albert [Dijon, France] [2]
   Gentilomo, Frau Eugenia (AKA Hofmann, Frl. Eugenia)
                  Gentillomo, Ettore [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Geranton, Edouard
              (A) Ces, Mme Georgette (AKA Champcenest, Mlle Georgette) [Paris, France] [1]
              (A) Ces, Philippe Pierre [Paris, France] [1]
   Gerbes, Hildegard
                  Grosskopf, Otto [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Gerke, Gudrun
                  Gerke, Otto [Badgastein, Austria] [1]
   Gerngross, Hugo
                  Gerngross, Albert [Vienna, Austria] [2]
   Gerngross, Ludwig
                  Neumark, Ludwig [Nuremberg, Germany] [4]
   Gerngross, Paul
                  Gerngross, Albert [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                  Gerngross, Frau Martha [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Gerngross, Robert
                  Gerngross, Albert [Vienna, Austria] [2]
   Gerngross-Bello, Frau Emma
                  Gerngross, Ludwig [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Gerstel, Frau Erna (AKA Simon, Frl. Erna)
                  Gerstel, Walter [Mannheim, Germany] [1]
   Ginsberg, Leo
                  Ginsberg, Gerson [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Giralt, Francois
              (A) Baby, Mme Marie Therese [Toulouse, France] [1]
   Girard, Isabelle (AKA Pinatel, Isabelle)
              (A) Duboule, Armand [3]
              (A) Pinatel, Charles [Marseille, France] [3]
   Gispert, Joaquin Llimona
                  Torras, Miguel [Saint-Jean-De-Luz, France] [1]
   Gittelson, Leon
                  Gittelson, J. [Danzig, Germany] [1]
   Giulini, Edgar
                  von Clemm, Luise (AKA Dumrath, Luise) [Freiburg, Germany] [1]
   Giustiniani, Nicolo B.
                  Rognetta, F. B. [Germany] [1]
   Glanz, Viktor
                  Ehrlich, Otto [Vienna, Austria] [3]
                  Hrubesch, Stella [Dumfries, United Kingdom] [2]
   Glas, Frau Käte
                  Glas, Fritz, Selig [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Glass, Frau Leonore
                  Glass, Bernard [Lodz, Poland] [1]
   Glaubeck, Amalie
                  Vogelhut, Valerie [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Glenn, Marian (AKA Gliksman, Marian)
                  Gliksman, Gitla [Nice, France] [1]
   Gliksman, Marian (AKA Glenn, Marian)
                  Gliksman, Gitla [Nice, France] [1]
   Glintz, Louise (AKA Diemer, Mme Louise)
                  Glintz, Fritz [Colmar, France] [1]
                  Glintz, Mlle Lucie [1]
   Gloger, Hildegard (AKA Sachs, Hildegard)
                  Sachs, Martin [Hirschberg, Germany] [1]
   Glück, Kurt
                  Glück, Frau Irma (AKA Wollerbach, Frl. Irma) [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Glück, Frau Regine (AKA Weiss, Frl. Regine)
                  Glück, Bernhard [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Glücksmann, Gertrude
                  Glücksmann, Samuel [Moscow, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics] [1]
   Glücksmann, Ilse
                  Glücksmann, Gertrude [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                  Glücksmann, Samuel [Moscow, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics] [1]
   Glücksmann, Samuel
                  Glücksmann, Gertrude [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Glücksmann, Willy
                  Glücksmann, Gertrude [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                  Glücksmann, Samuel [Moscow, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics] [1]
   Godchaux, Marcel
                  Moulia, Adrienne [France] [1]
   Goerens, J. P.
              (A) Neyperg S.A. [Luxembourg, Luxembourg] [2]
   Gold, Jakob
                  Wolff, Arthur [Germany] [9]
   Goldberg, Clara
                  Goldberg, Hugo [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Goldberg, Ernst
                  Schlesinger, Clothilde (AKA Gumbel, Clothilde) [Pforzheim, Germany] [1]
   Goldberg, Frau Marie (AKA Schlesinger, Frl. Marie)
                  Goldberg, Ernst [Plauen, Germany] [1]
   Goldberg, Max
                  Samuel, Robert [Düsseldorf, Germany] [1]
   Goldberg, Olga Madeleine (AKA Brunner, Mme Olga Madeleine)
                  Goldberg, Max [Paris, France] [1]
   Goldberg, Rudolf
                  Müller, Marianne [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Goldblatt, Steffy
                  Goldblatt, Edmund [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Goldenberg, Hanny
                  Grünberg, Elsa [Lwow, Poland] [1]
   Goldenberg, Rachmil
                  Grünberg, Elsa [Lwow, Poland] [1]
   Goldman, Jadwiga
                  Goldman, Antoni Jan [Lodz, Poland] [1]
   Goldmann, Anneliese
                  Goldmann, Rudolf [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Goldmann, Ella Karola
                  Goldmann, Eduard [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Goldmann, Hans
                  Hochwald, Adolf [Brno, Czechoslovakia] [1]
   Goldmann, Jenny
                  Goldmann, Justus [Paris, France] [1]
   Goldmann, Rudolf
                  Hock, Hedy [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Goldmann, Frau Sala (AKA Kibel, Frl. Sala)
                  Goldmann, Hugo [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Goldschläger, L
                  Humblot, Camille [Paris, France] [1]
   Goldschmidt, Edmond
                  Goldschmidt, Frau Karoline [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                  Goldschmidt, Waldemar [Vienna, Austria] [2]
   Goldschmidt, Fanny
                  Goldschmidt, Hermann [Leipzig, Germany] [2]
   Goldschmidt, Frau Franz
                  Goldschmidt, Ferenc [Baja, Hungary] [1]
   Goldschmidt, Gretel
                  Goldschmidt, Adolf [Nuremberg, Germany] [1]
   Goldschmidt, Jakob
                  Goldschmidt, Frau Else (AKA Meyer, Frl. Else) [Berlin, Germany] [2]
   Goldschmidt, Frl. Lotte (AKA Levy, Frau Lotte)
                  Levy, Curt [Berlin, Germany] [2]
   Goldschmidt, Paula
                  Goldschmidt, Martin [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Goldschmidt, Rosa
                  Goldschmidt, Karl [Nuremberg, Germany] [1]
   Goldschmit, Frl. Clara (AKA Weissmann, Frau Clara)
                  Weissmann, Martin [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [2]
   Goldstein, Frau Fanny
                  Goldstein, Willy [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [2]
   Goldstein, Oskar
                  Goldstein, Frau Mathilde [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Goldstein, Steffi
                  Goldstein, Hans [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Goldstein, Vally
                  Goldstein, Benno [Eisleben, Germany] [1]
   Goldziher, Karl
                  Herman Herz Söhne AG [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
   Golz-Knabe, Frau Fanni
                  Golz, Arnold [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                  Golz, Emil [Vienna, Austria] [2]
   Gombert-Bruzis, Mme G.
                  Gombert, Georges [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
   Görling, Alfredo
                  Lehmann, Dora (AKA de Görling, Dora) [Mexico D. F., Mexico] [1]
   Gormanns, Frl. Laure (AKA Hirschler, Frau Laure)
                  Hirschler, Jacques [Strasbourg, France] [1]
   Götting, Mme Else (AKA Roth, Mlle Else)
                  Götting, Adolf [Hildburghausen, Germany] [1]
                  Götting, Willy [Hildburghausen, Germany] [1]
   Gottlieb, Blanka
                  Gottlieb, Arthur [Innsbruck, Austria] [1]
   Gottschalk, Else
                  Gottschalk, Otto [Schlenzig, Germany] [1]
   Gottschalk, Frl. Eva (AKA Kauffmann, Frau Eva)
                  Kauffmann, Alfred [Berlin, Germany] [2]
                  Kauffmann, Frl. Hildegard [Starogard, Poland] [1]
   Gottschalk, Horst
                  Gottschalk, Otto [Schlenzig, Germany] [1]
   Götzl, Adolf
                  Schick, Frau Elise [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                  Schick, Ludwig [Vienna, Austria] [4]
   Gouin, Edouard
                  Compagnie Franco-Marocaine D'Huilerie et de Savonnerie [Casablanca, Morocco] [1]
   Gouin, Mme Noelie (AKA Cyprien-Fabre, Mlle Noelie)
                  Compagnie Franco-Marocaine D'Huilerie et de Savonnerie [Casablanca, Morocco] [1]
   Grab, Frau Steffy
                  Grab, Leo [Germany] [1]
   Graetz, Ella
                  Graetz, Hugo [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Graff, Mrs. E.
                  Graff, Harry [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Grandjean, André
                  Pierre, Mme [Ornans, France] [1]
   Graubner, Frau Else (AKA Salomon, Frl. Else)
                  Salomon, Dora [Annaberg, Germany] [1]
                  Salomon, Max [Annaberg, Germany] [1]
   Grauer, Maria
                  Grauer, Adolf [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Grauer, René
                  Grauer, Mme Caroline (AKA Weill, Mlle Caroline) [Paris, France] [1]
                  Grauer, Samuel (AKA Grauer, Stephen) [Paris, France] [1]
   Greiffenhagen, Mme Else
                  Greiffenhagen, Mlle Gerda [Paris, France] [1]
   Greilsheimer, Joseph
                  Greilsheimer, Frau Elsa (AKA Dreifuss, Frl. Elsa) [Friesenheim, Germany] [1]
                  Greilsheimer, Julius [Friesenheim, Germany] [1]
   Greiner, Dora
                  Greiner, Fritz [Bad Cannstadt, Germany] [1]
   Grimberg, Sophie
                  Grimberg, Haim [Bucharest, Romania] [1]
   Grimm, Frau Hanna
                  Grimm, Edmund [Weissenburg, Germany] [1]
   Grimm, Kurt W.
                  Grimm, Heinrich [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Groeber, Else
                  Groeber, Hermann [Munich, Germany] [1]
   Groiss, Adolf
                  Himmelbauer, Frau Annie [Ravelsbach, Austria] [1]
   Gronner, Ernst
                  Gronner, Oskar, Nachlass [Vienna, Austria] [3]
   Gronner, Erwin
                  Gronner, Oskar, Nachlass [Vienna, Austria] [3]
   Gronner, Frl. Rosalia (AKA Aleksandrowicz, Frau Rosalia)
                  Aleksandrowicz, Dawid [Krakow, Poland] [2]
   Gros-Renaud, Charles Emile
              (A) Trolin, Mme Marguerite Elvire (AKA Laurent, Mlle Marguerite Elvire) [Anzin, France] [2]
              (A) Trolin, Tharsile [Anzin, France] [2]
   Gross, Johannes
                  Gross, Frau Marie (AKA Schreiber, Frl. Marie) [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Gross, Meta Anna
                  Schultz, Marta [Königsberg, Germany] [1]
   Grossbard, Adolf
                  Grossbard, Fanny [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Grosskopf, Gertrud
                  Grosskopf, Otto [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Grosskopf, Max
                  Grosskopf, Otto [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Grossmann, Maximillian
                  Grossmann, Otto [Germany] [1]
   Grosz, Alexander
                  Gardos, Eduard [Belgrade, Yugoslavia] [2]
   Grosz, Frau Hilda (AKA Baum, Frl. Hilda)
                  Grosz, Armand [Paris, France] [1]
   Grotte, Hans
                  Keller, Grete [Vienna, Austria] [2]
   Gruber, Anna
                  Gruber, Georg [Germany] [2]
   Gruber, Frau Margarethe
                  Gruber, Emanuel [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Grumbach, Hermine
                  Grumbach, Henri [Mulhouse, France] [1]
   Grumbach, Jean
                  Grumbach, Jules [Chaux-De-Fonds, Switzerland] [1]
                  Grumbach-Haguenauer, Mme Jeanne [Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France] [1]
   Grumbacher, Jakob
                  Maier, Betty [Mannheim, Germany] [2]
   Grumbacher, Max
                  Grumbacher, Jakob [Mannheim, Germany] [1]
   Grünberg, Renée
                  Grünberg, Boris [Paris, France] [1]
   Grünberger, Josef
                  Grünberger, Clara G. [Sibiu, Romania] [1]
   Grünberger, Kurt
                  Grünberger, Frau Wilhelmine (AKA Klein, Frl. Wilhelmine) [Nuremberg, Germany] [1]
   Grünberger, Paul
                  Grünberger, Clara G. [Sibiu, Romania] [1]
   Grüner, Flora
                  Grüner, Isidor [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Grünfeld, Frau Hedwig
                  Grünfeld, Frl. Elisabeth [Vienna, Austria] [2]
   Grünfeld, Herbert
                  Grünfeld, Frau Margarete [Germany] [1]
   Grünhut, Helene
                  Grünhut, Bernard [Krakow, Poland] [1]
   Grunow, Wilhelm
                  Mannheim, Frau Margarete (AKA Lubarsch, Frl. Margarete) [Berlin, Germany] [2]
   Grünstein, Frau Hildegard Fanny (AKA Mattauch, Frl. Hildegard Fanny)
                  Grünstein, Arthur [Kaiserslautern, Germany] [1]
   Grünstein, Peter Arthur
                  Grünstein, Arthur [Kaiserslautern, Germany] [1]
   Grünwald, Käte
                  Grünwald, Ernst [Beuthen, Germany] [2]
   Gruss, Erna
                  Gruss, Paul [Leipzig, Germany] [1]
   Guenot, Maurice
                  Gabreau-Mougeot, Mme Charlotte [Paris, France] [5]
                  Gabreau-Mougeot, Robert [Paris, France] [5]
   Guerreau, Mlle Henriette
              (A) Guerreau, Mme Andree (AKA Compan, Mlle Andree) [Villacoublay, France] [1]
              (A) Guerreau, Victor [Villacoublay, France] [1]
   Guggenheim, Charles
                  Guggenheim, Georges [Paris, France] [14]
                  Guggenheim, Jacques [Paris, France] [14]
                  Guggenheim, Mme Reine [Paris, France] [7]
                  Guggenheim, Sylvain [Paris, France] [9]
   Guggenheim, Mlle Clémence (AKA Levy, Mme Clémence)
                  Levy, Leopold [Mulhouse, France] [2]
   Guggenheim, Georg
                  Brunschwig, Charles [Besancon, France] [1]
                  Brunschwig, Sophie Germaine (AKA Gaensbourger, Sophie Germaine) [Besancon, France] [1]
   Guggenheim, Georges
                  Guggenheim, Mme Reine [Paris, France] [7]
                  Guggenheim, Sylvain [Paris, France] [9]
   Guggenheim, Jacques
                  Guggenheim, Mme Reine [Paris, France] [7]
                  Guggenheim, Sylvain [Paris, France] [9]
   Guggenheim, Mlle Lise
                  Guggenheim, Georges [Paris, France] [14]
                  Guggenheim, Jacques [Paris, France] [14]
                  Guggenheim, Sylvain [Paris, France] [9]
   Guggenheim, Mme Suzanne (AKA Lehmann, Mlle Suzanne)
                  Guggenheim, Georges [Paris, France] [14]
                  Guggenheim, Jacques [Paris, France] [14]
                  Guggenheim, Mme Reine [Paris, France] [7]
                  Guggenheim, Sylvain [Paris, France] [9]
   Guibert, Jean
                  Guibert, Mme Marie-Therese (AKA Rossignoli, Mlle Marie-Therese) [Aix-Les-Bains, France] [1]
   Guilera, Mme Mercedes (AKA Roca, Mlle Mercedes)
                  Guilera, Jacinto [Marseille, France] [1]
   Guillaume, Henri Fernand
              (A) Guillaume, Mme Hortense (AKA Pichon, Hortense) [Moneteau, France] [2]
   Guillaume, Pierre
              (A) Guillaume, Mme Hortense (AKA Pichon, Hortense) [Moneteau, France] [2]
   Gulyas, Stefan
                  Somlo, Elisabeth (AKA Friedman, Elisabeth) [Hungary] [1]
   Gümpert, Frieda
                  Gümpert, Adolf [Kassel, Germany] [1]
   Gumpert, Hans
                  Gumpert, Fritz [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                  Gumpert, Frau Gertrud (AKA Haber, Frl. Gertrud) [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Gümpert, Milton
                  Gümpert, Adolf [Kassel, Germany] [1]
   Gumprich, Ella
                  Gumprich, Adolf [Krakow, Poland] [1]
   Günther, Anny
                  Günther, Ernst [Brno, Czechoslovakia] [2]
   Günther, Fritz
                  Martin, Anna Laura [Markneukirchen, Germany] [1]
   Günther, Helene Anna
                  Martin, Anna Laura [Markneukirchen, Germany] [1]
   Günther, Josef
                  Daniel, Julius [Germany] [2]
   Günzburger, Frl. Germaine (AKA Wolf, Frau Germaine)
                  Wolf, Roger [Strasbourg, France] [3]
   Gürtler, Antonie
                  Gürtler, Adolf [Innsbruck, Austria] [1]
   Gurtner, Hans Herbert
                  Gurtner, Frau Gisela [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Gurtner, Josef
                  Gurtner, Frau Gisela [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Gütermann, Alexander
                  Gütermann, Frau Anna Maria [Waldkirch, Germany] [2]
                  Rotter, Liselotte (AKA Gütermann, Liselotte) [Bonn, Germany] [2]
   Gütermann, Erich L.
                  Gütermann, Frau Anna Maria [Waldkirch, Germany] [2]
   Gütermann, Heinrich
                  Bensheimer, Frau Johanna (AKA Heidenheimer, Johanna) [Mannheim, Germany] [1]
   Gutherz, Clara
                  Gutherz, Hermann [Wien, Austria] [1]
   Gutman, Lucyna
                  Gutman, Stanislaw [Lodz, Poland] [1]
   Gutman, Mme Marguerite
              (A) Gutman, Fred [Paris, France] [4]
   Gutmann, Berta
                  Gutmann, Theodor [Panevezys, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics] [1]
   Gutmann, Emil
                  Gutmann-Grünewald, Sofie [Coburg, Germany] [1]
   Gutmann, Irene
                  Gutmann, Edgar [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Gutmann, Frau Margarete (AKA Herrmann, Frl. Margarete)
                  Herrmann, Frau Berta [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [3]
   Gutmann, Willi
                  Gutmann, Meta [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Gutschmidt, Frau Anna (AKA Falk, Frl. Anna)
                  Gutschmidt, C. [Hamm, Germany] [1]
                  Thomas, Frau Lotte [Hamm, Germany] [1]
   Guttenberg, Leopoldine
                  Max Guttenberg & Co (AKA Guttenberg, Max) [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Gutter, Josefine
                  Loret, Toni [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                  Urbach, Perel [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Guttman, Frl. Käte (AKA Wiener, Frau Käte)
                  Wiener, Alfred [Berlin, Germany] [2]
   Guttmann, Anny (AKA Engländer, Anny)
                  Engländer, Frau Josefine [Vienna, Austria] [1]

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